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Join a Working Group

Want to plug into urban ag policy work, food access, licensing and permits issues, or organizing to pass a good food purchasing policy here in Chicago? Great. Get in the mix and join a working group!


Our Goal

  • Evaluate the Chicago Food Plan and create milestones to measure its progress
  • Create a grid of community certified kitchens and food hubs
  • Creation of incentives and awards toward the formation of Community/Private Partnerships to increase food access and accountability
  • Incentivize fresh food small businesses in low food access zones
  • Create a Department of Food Policy with an Associated Advisory Board, to make Chicago a more food secure and healthy city and increase coordination and communication of food policies


Urban Farmland Symposium (12/4/15)


  • Presentation by Suellen Burns of the IL Department of Natural Resources on the Millennium Reserve and Urban Farmland
  • Presentation by Ellen Sargent from the Chicago Housing Authority on Urban Gardens/Farms on their property
  • Presentation by Kristin Brock from the Chicago Park District on community gardens and farms in the parks
  • Presentation giving overview of Urban Farm/garden Land trusts in the United States by Nate Ela
  • Presentation by Katherine Darnstadt from Latent Design on Public Spaces in Chicago
  • Presentation by Paula Segal from 596 Acres (NYC) on community research on land access



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