CFPAC’s leadership and operating structure is comprised of a Board of Directors, Steering Committee, Working Groups, Neighborhood Councils and an open general membership body of people involved in food security in the Chicago Region. CFPAC is an organization composed of individuals, groups and organizations committed to improving access to healthy food in Chicago.


Our Mission

Chicago Food Policy Action Council  

(CFPAC) facilitates the development of policies with Chicago residents to improve their ability to produce and access sustainable, fair, nutritious, affordable, and culturally significant food.



Our Vision

CFPAC envisions an equitable, fair, localized, humane, sustainable, and healthy food system. The Council recognizes the history and structural conditions that have been created and maintained through systemic racism and massive inequities in Chicago and the surrounding areas. These inequities are manifested through concentrated power and the dynamics of the current dominant food system. CFPAC works to address these inequities by building local political power, supporting those working throughout the food system, and facilitating Black/Brown partnerships and understanding. Read more about our vision for food policy in Chicago here.



The Vision for Food Policy in Chicago received a wealth of input through an open comment process. These recommendations are intended to shape the City of Chicago’s policies for regulating, zoning, funding, and supporting a sustainable food system, including urban agriculture. Throughout the summer of 2011, the Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council (CFPAC) helped coordinate the evolution of the document. A list of groups and individuals who have given input is at the end of the document.